Marble Home Decor: 5 Ways to Incorporate Marble in to your home

For centuries Marble has been used by sculptors for its texture, elegant colour palette and its durability. Marble embodies luxury, style and glamour, which is why it remains popular today with designers and architects around the world.

If you want a piece to make a lasting impression, you should consider including marble pieces in your home. At Nartopa, we curate exclusive handmade marble from all over the world, hand selecting pieces that we consider to be of the highest quality in both style and functionality. We believe that marble should not just be admired but handled and appreciated for its texture and timeless beauty.

Here are our current top 5 marble accessories, guaranteed to add style and timeless elegance to your home:


1. Marble and Onyx Coasters

Pink Onyx Hexagon Marble Coasters

Protect your stunning coffee table with eye catching marble coasters. Weighty yet delicate looking Marble coasters add a certain je ne sais quoi to your interior. 

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2. Vase

Small Marble Vase in Ziarat White

Marble vases with fresh flowers add a natural element to any room. Dot these around your home; on a side table, or on a serving tray on your coffee table for that lush look. A Marble vessel will effortlessly transform a mundane bunch of flowers into an epic centre piece.

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3. Bowls

Large 30cm Sunny Grey Marble Bowl

Add chic Michelin style presentation to your serving dishes and be the envy of your dinner guests. Use lighter toned stone marble to make your meals instagrammable in an instant. Alternatively, use darker tone marbles and add some floating candles to place in your bathroom to give it that luxury spa feel.

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4. Tray

Grey Marble vanity tray

Replace trinket boxes with elegant marble trays, to provide a stunning backdrop to your favourite jewellery pieces. 

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5. Bathroom sets

Use a marble vanity set to add that 5 star hotel feel. Luxury hotels use this look to add glamour to their rooms and en suites. Place a marble tray with other accessories like a marble dispenser, finish the look with some scented candles and handmade soap. Voila!



All our marble products are hand-crafted and selected by our trusted team of artisans. View our catalogue to learn more about our products.

Let us know how you use marble or if our suggestions worked for you! We love to hear from our readers and customers!