NARTOPA is a British home accessory design studio founded by husband and wife team, Imran and Sundas Bashir. They create small-batch contemporary marble homewares from pure, ethically sourced Indian stone.

During frequent visits to their family homeland, Imran and Sundas scoured the local craft markets, laden with marble ornaments traditionally found in Indian homes. It was their nostalgia for these trinkets and treasuresremembered from childhoodwhich inspired them to create their studio. 

Now, they reimagine these pieces with a modernist touch, working with master artisans to source flawless stone which is handworked into timeless marble home accessories. Nothing is wasted in the production process. What can’t be used by the studio goes on to become beautiful, light-reflecting natural mulch.

They let the nuances within the raw material inform their designs. So each marble bowl, plate and tray is truly one-of-a-kind.